Stapp Inspires Spotlight- Longmont Symphony Orchestra

Thanks for checking back into our corner of the universe. This month we want to shine the spotlight on another organization that is providing the soundtrack to our area, the Longmont Symphony Orchestra (LSO). LSO was founded in 1966 and has grown from presenting four concerts a year to presenting a six-concert subscription series, two performances of the 5th Grade Concert, two performances of the Nutcracker Ballet, a Candlelight Concert, a July 4th concert, and a chamber orchestra concert at the Longmont Museum. One of the biggest changes that Symphony has gone through recently is bringing on a new music director, Elliot Moore, after the previous music director retired.

Elliot Moore - Credit Photography Maestro-01

Photo Credit: Photography Maestro

I had a chance to sit down with Elliot and learn a little bit more about the man behind the baton and his vision for the symphony. The phrase “music director of a symphony” stirs up stereotypical images of a stiff, formal, serious maestro, with the audience they are performing to an “elite class” that only certain people can access. Elliot in his short time as the music director has shattered that image to pieces. He is far from what you may picture a music director might be. He cares about his community and wants to help make Longmont a better place to live. He is the type of guy you could catch up with after show. Which by the way, after most performances, Elliot along with members of LSO head over to Bin 46 Wine Bar + Restaurant for an “afterglow” party. This is a great chance to interact with members of LSO, other attendees and support a local business at the same time.

I asked Elliot what exactly does a conductor do? We all know they stand up with their backs to the audience and keep time for everyone else. One of his main focuses is to touch and inspire the audience, to encourage his players to give their best and exceed even what they thought they could do. At each performance he wants to create an atmosphere where everyone feels like they are a part of something greater than themselves. A music director needs to be aware of where the community is in terms of its relationship to music, and what he can do to engage everyone and bring them in to go deeper into the music.

“Music is the greatest expression of the human spirit; it can inspire greatness, transform a community, and change lives.” That quote is what guides Elliot in his leadership of the LSO. When planning out this season he was mindful to offer something for everyone. To the patron who has been coming to LSO performances for years to the young family that bravely decides to take their children to the family concert. He also keeps in the back of his mind, what do the musicians need to grow artistically?

This year’s concert series is entitled “New Frontiers,” appropriate for Elliot’s debut season. This series focuses on bringing music to Longmont that hasn’t been represented in recent years. Music from Mozart and Beethoven will fill the Longmont Museum on April 15, while music from Lady Gaga and other pop divas will take center stage at the May 12 concert. Fun fact, this will be Elliot’s first pops concert he has ever conducted.

Elliot was really excited about the world premiere they just performed on February 24. Mountain Myths was written by Longmont resident Michael Udow. The theme of Mountain Myths is to highlight respect of the land and love of nature, which is so near and dear to many of us in Longmont.

In our conversation, it was evident that this transplant from Michigan cared very deeply about his new community. His first day here he joined the Longmont chief of police for a “Belonging Revolution” community outreach walk. He regularly makes himself available to the community to come and learn about what the LSO is doing and answer questions about what to expect in upcoming concerts. We would encourage everyone to take some time and learn more about what the Longmont Symphony Orchestra is doing to make Longmont a wonderful place to live. Check out their website here We wish Elliot and all the members of the Longmont Symphony Orchestra a great season!

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