Stapp Inspires Spotlight Organization-TLC- Learning Center

Welcome back to our Stapp Inspires Organization Spotlight. Throughout the year we partner with and highlight different organizations that are having a positive and inspiring impact on our community. This month we would like to spotlight TLC Learning Center. Formally known as Tiny Tim Learning Center, TLC has been educating children of all abilities since 1956.
TLC first opened its doors as a school for children with cerebral palsy in the basement of a local church. Parents of the students came together to found the school. At the time, families traditionally sent children with special needs to live in institutions. This practice began to change in the 1950’s, and TLC was one of the first schools that enabled children with developmental disabilities to live at home. Over the years TLC has undergone a number of different changes, including location, name and scope of services. Today, TLC classrooms provide care and early childhood education for children from eight weeks old to six years old. Every classroom on campus is fully inclusive, with children of diverse abilities learning side by side.
TLC also offers a range of therapies to its students, all on site. Students often receive therapies sessions in the classroom. This allows the students to stay engaged with their classmates and not miss out on what’s going on. Another benefit of therapy on campus is the presence of other sets of trained eyes in the classroom helping to identify any possible delays in other students as well.
TLC has high expectations for all children; they are passionate about preparing children for success in kindergarten and beyond. They do this in a unique way; with small classes sizes, low student to teacher ratios, and a diverse and inclusive learning environment.
By focusing on the whole child with early academics instruction and social-emotional and character skill building, TLC is helping nurture success in each student who comes through their doors.
Over the years TLC has gone through significant changes. The biggest is going from just offering services to children with special needs to expanding into an inclusive learning center for children of all abilities. TLC positively  impacts the youngest members of our community.
We hope you will join us as we continue to highlight TLC Learning Center this year. We would like to extend an invitation to join us at the 5th Annual 2019 Kentucky Party on May 4th at the Shupe Homestead!  

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