Stapp Inspires Organization Spotlight- The Longmont Chorale

Welcome back to our Stapp Inspires Organization Spotlight blog! If you are joining us for the first time, thanks for taking the time to stop by and check out who we are highlighting this month! Throughout the year we highlight different organizations that are making a positive impact in our community. At Stapp Interstate Toyota we believe that changing the world begins right here, in our backyard! We are proud to partner with and introduce you to the Longmont Chorale.

Longmont Chorale Logo

Did you know that we have had a community choir in Longmont since 1937? Formed as the Longmont Community Chorus and rebranded in the 1980’s to Longmont Chorale, the choir has been filling community with music for more than 80 years. One unique aspect of the Longmont Chorale is that it is open to all who want to sing. It is one of the only non-auditioned choirs left on the front range. Singers also have the opportunity to choose which concerts they want to perform in.


The Longmont Chorale is open for membership by signers of all ages and abilities, from the beginner who is trying their voice for the first time to the signer with years of experience under their belt. Since the Chorale is open to everyone, it is not unusual to see a high school senior singing side by side a senior citizen. This helps build a camaraderie between members. The Chorale have members who have been performing for decades. Through this open approach to a community choir, the Chorale seeks to enrich the lives of singers and patrons through the study, creation and performance of beautiful choral music.


The full Chorale currently performs four major concerts a year, featuring an extremely diverse repertoire across genes such as; Pops, Jazz, Showtunes, Hebrew, Celtic, Modern, new music and so much more. In addition, the Chorale hosts several smaller events with the Chorale Singers. The Chorale Singers perform at special events and gigs around our community. Any of these concerts can also be paired with other local groups. In the past the Chorale has partnered with guests artists, children’s choirs, symphony or band to bring a truly unique experience to the Longmont area.


The Longmont Chorale is also invested in supporting the youth in our community and the future of vocal music. To help encourage youth to participate high school students and college age students up to age 22 have their membership fees waived. In addition, the Longmont Chorale hosts their annual Youth Vocal Competition.  Winners receive a cash prize, the first place winner earns an opportunity to perform at a Longmont Chorale concert, and all participants receive valuable feedback from the judges.


A special thank you to the Longmont Chorale for enriching the lives of all our community members and bring us together in a way that only choral music can. We want to encourage everyone to take the time and attend a Longmont Chorale concert. You won’t be disappointed, as they say they are “Singing From Our Hearts To Yours!”


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