Stapp Inspires Educator Spotlight – 2019 Outstanding Graduate

Welcome back to our monthly Stapp Inspires Educator Spotlight! It’s hard to believe it, but we are at the end of another school year. We have enjoyed the privilege of traveling throughout the district for another year highlighting some incredible individuals. It’s been a journey and we hope you have enjoyed the ride as well. As we wind down another year, we want to focus not on an educator, but a graduate. A student who is an inspiration not only to their peers, but to the educators as well. This month we want to recognize 2019 Mead High School Graduate, Ryan Yancey. We had the opportunity to sit down with Ryan and we hope that you will be inspired and encouraged just like we were.


To say Ryan has a creative streak is a bit of an understatement. This young man has been creating short films since he was in 7th grade. This interest in film led him to take video production classes at the Career Development Center and become Adobe Certified in Photoshop, Premier, and Illustrator. This opened up several opportunities to create short films and enter them into different film festival competitions, both locally and internationally. At one such festival he had a film nominated for ‘Best Writing’. This past year he was the editor for MAV TV, a biweekly news broadcast for the High School. Thankfully, these are also online so you can see the talent and where this young man is headed. Take a look here!  He credits his time between classes at the CDC and his involvement with Mead High Schools Musical Theatre program as helping to build a foundation for his future.


It should be no surprise that Ryan is headed to the Colorado Film School after graduation. He made the observation that everyone is consuming media on a daily basis, but not everyone has what it takes to create that content. Ryan’s passion, dedication and curiosity to this space will no doubt serve him well as he continues his education. Ryan is still narrowing in on what aspect of content creation he wants to explore. He has a strong interest in writing and directing films. In addition to creating films, Ryan has explored both photography and graphic design. He has used these skills to help design programs, and posters for school performances.


Using these platforms, Ryan has been able to use his voice and those of his peers to elevate their thoughts and ideas. He is able to see how he can have a positive impact on the world around him through the use of media. His most recent project, “ The After Hours Incident”  highlights where Ryan is in his journey and where he is going.


As we wrapped up our interview, I asked Ryan if he had any advice he would like to pass on to the incoming freshman class. “Try a little bit of everything, even if it’s not a “fit” or something you normally would do. We have some great people at Mead High School, so don’t be afraid to go for it.”


We would like to wish Ryan and the entire class of 2019 congratulations! We can’t wait to see where you will go and what you will do next.


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