Stapp Inspires Educator Spotlight – Soaring to New Heights

Welcome back! We have to admit after taking last month off for Winter Break, we were anxious to go meet our next Stapp Inspires Educator. We would like to honor Chris Schmitz, Middle School Computer Technology Teacher at Soaring Heights PK-8, as our February 2020 Stapp Inspires Educator! If this is your first time visiting us, welcome! Each month we take the time to highlight an educator in St. Vrain Valley Schools who inspires others. We are right in the middle of our third year of highlights, and we always leave each meeting inspired by our recipients. This month is no different.

Chris Schmitz

We had the opportunity to visit Chris and learn a little more about this incredible educator. Chris has been in education for the last five years. He started his teaching career at Red Hawk Elementary before coming over to Soaring Heights when it opened. Chris spent many years in the mobile tech arena, before a need at his children’s school brought about the opportunity to go back for his teaching certificate. 


His excitement for this field and the opportunity to encourage his students to explore this space is evident. Chris sees himself as a guide to his students, not someone who has all the answers. He will admit he does not have all the answers, and allows his students to work on projects that spark their interest. He wants his students to try out their ideas, make mistakes, and then learn from those mistakes. Chris believes this allows his students to be resilient and persistent, which will lead to creative problem solvers. He will lead students through their thought process in order for students to process their project plan and the success or failure of that plan.


This skill is a valuable asset as his students approach high school. Chris is inspired by his students when they have an idea. He strives to have his students own their own body of work and become creators – not just consumers of technology.


Chris believes that if he can instill the flexibility of the mind – critical thinking, and problem solving skills – his students will continue to find success long after they leave his classroom. He wants his students to find success in whatever path they carve out for themselves. His positive influence on his students’ lives will be with them long after their days in middle school are over. 


Chris we want to thank you for taking the time to meet with us. We learned a lot and left inspired. We wish you the best this upcoming year. We hope you will join us next month as we highlight another Inspiring Educator!



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