Stapp Inspires Community Spotlight-Blue Sky Bridge

When a parent’s worst nightmare becomes a reality, what do you do? Who will help your child and your family? Residents of Boulder County have an advocate in Blue Sky Bridge. We are proud to partner with this child and family advocacy center as they help families answer these tough questions. Blue Sky Bridge focuses on the prevention and intervention of child abuse with four different areas of work: child advocacy, medical treatment, therapy, and education.

Blue Sky Bridge offers a neutral and child focused environment for children who have been abused to tell their story. They coordinate with several different agencies to ensure that children and their families receive comprehensive and professional support that is needed at a critical time.  Part of keeping the environment child-focused is the facility itself. Blue Sky Bridge blends into the neighborhood with it’s home-like appearance. Waiting rooms and interview rooms look more like living rooms with toys, coloring books and crayons. The interview rooms are equipped with audio and video equipment so the appropriate agencies can have copies and the child does not have to keep retelling their story. Blue Sky Bridge is also equipped with a medical examination room so that a child’s needs can be cared for in one place.  When a child and their family enter into the therapy part of their recovery they cross an enclosed walkway to the other side of the house. This helps build familiarity and comfort to aid in healing.


After the interview process is done, Blue Sky Bridge assists in the healing process as well. The therapy program is available to children 3-18 years old who have participated in a forensic interview after a traumatic event. These sessions are between 30-60 minutes in length and go for 12-25 weeks. Sessions are offered at no cost to the family.  They employ Trauma-focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT) – an evidence-based, short-term treatment model for children and youth impacted by trauma. TF-CBT includes parents or caregivers for portions of the therapy. Research shows that TF-CBT successfully resolves a broad array of emotional and behavioral difficulties associated with single, multiple, and complex trauma experiences.


There is one staff member that needs recognition. Meet Marion, a two year old Golden Labrador. Marion knows 40 commands and can help reduce stress and anxiety at Blue Sky Bridge. Her most important quality is the unconditional love she provides everyone she comes in contact with. 




Blue Sky Bridge also has an educational outreach program as well. Every year about 30 volunteers along with a Blue Sky Bridge staff member will go into classrooms and give presentations to third graders on the difference between a safe touch and an unsafe touch, the difference between secrets and surprises, trusted adults, and the “No, Go Tell” plan. The program consists of four 30 minute class presentations that are developmentally and age appropriate. Presenters use puppets and dolls to role play situations that children may encounter and teach practical ways for children to cope in an uncomfortable situation. During the 2017-2018 academic year, the program was in 36 schools and reached roughly 2,000 children. Blue Sky Bridge hopes to bring their message to as many schools, children, parents and teachers in the Boulder Valley and St. Vrain Valley School Districts as possible.


We as adults have a responsibility to keep children safe. Blue Sky Bridge has some wonderful resources for parents and caregivers in help facilitating those difficult conversations.  Colorado now has one statewide number to report suspected neglect or abuse. If you see or hear something that concerns you, please call 1.844.CO.4.KIDS (1.844.264.5437) or contact Blue Sky Bridge at 303.444.1388 or visit


Thank you to Blue Sky Bridge and all the staff who are working hard to keep the children in our community safe.


Exploring the 2016 RAV4 Hybrid


Thanks for taking a moment for watching our walk-around of the all new 2016 RAV4 Hybrid. Special thanks to Internet Sales Manager Penny Andersen for giving us a tour of the RAV4.

We wanted to take a moment and look a little bit closer at some of the features Penny mentioned in the video.

One of the first things that Penny talked about was the AWD-i. This is system is a little different than a traditional AWD. According to Toyota “The system looks at the driver demands and the steering-wheel position to anticipate wheel spin and engage the rear wheels before the fronts even start to slip.” This allows greater flexibility in the split of power between the front and rear.


Another big feature Penny touched on was the available Toyota Safety Sense P (TSSP). This is comprised of several different systems working together to help keep you and your family safe on the road.


-Pre-Collision System with Pedestrian Detection: This system has a forward facing radar that scans the road ahead. Audible and Visual Warnings go off when the system is activated. If necessary the vehicle will help with braking.

– Lane Departure Alert with Steering Assist: Perhaps you take your eyes off the road for a brief moment. Be honest, it happens to all of us. The system can detect painted line markings on the road. If you start to drift out of your lane, the vehicle will alert you.

-Auto High Beams: We have all been guilty of this “driving sin”. Forgetting to turn off your high beams when another vehicle is coming in the opposite direction. A camera  detects an on coming vehicle’s headlights and will switch automatically from high to low.

-Dynamic Radar Cruise Control: This system detects the speed and distance of vehicle in front of you and maintains a preset following distance. When traffic clears, the system will accelerate back to speed.

While not apart of Toyota Safety System, another cool safety feature is the available Bird’s Eye View Camera. The camera provides a Perimeter Scan, a live rotating 360 degree view of surrounding area.


The biggest feature is of course the Hybrid system. This is the 8th hybrid vehicle in Toyota’s line. The 2016 Hybrid RAV4 features a 2.5L 4 cylinder DOCH 16 valve with Dual VVT. It has a 194 net system hp. The 2016 Rav4 Hybrid is also rated at a Super Ultra Low Emissions Vehicle (SULEV) With an estimated 34/31/33 mpg (City/Highway/ Combined) you gain approximately 7 mpg gallon more over a traditional gas 2016 RAV4.  If you ever wondered how a Toyota Hybrid system works, check it out Here.







A biased but honest testimonial…

When my husband and I walk into a party, it usually goes well until we tell people what we do for a living: Brion’s a car dealer, and I am a lawyer. Immediately the room clears. It is hard to change people’s perception of the “sleazy” car dealer, but Brion and Art have been doing just that—one customer at a time—for over thirty years.

Integrity is not a word often used to describe a car salesman, but Art Stapp is a living definition of the term. Never have I met a person so genuinely concerned with the well-being of others. Art carries that quality through the doors of Interstate Toyota everyday. He refuses to up sell or to put a customer into a vehicle they cannot afford. He has actually counseled people to not purchase a car because they simply cannot afford one. Shocking, I know, but true.

And then there is Brion. Now of course, I am biased being his wife. But, I am from a loud out-spoken Irish family. If Brion had a flaw, I would be the first one to call him on it. But, when it comes to how he runs his business and how he treats his women customers, in particular, I could not be more proud. He respects and values a customer’s need to “talk through” her decision without being pressured to close the deal. Being a parent, he knows how hard it is to think clearly about such a major purchase when your child is coloring on the wall or hungry. You will see when walking around the dealership that it is precisely this type of customer Brion had in mind when designing the new facility. From family bathrooms to kid corrals, Brion has made the dealership as family friendly as possible. Just another example of how Brion shatters the stereotype of the “sleazy” dealer everyday.

Liz Stapp

So you say you’re different….

It is easy to say you are different but how do you prove it?  Your actions! Since 1974 our family has believed buying & selling cars can and more importantly should be fun & easy.  When a customer visits Stapp Interstate Toyota – Scion we really do try everything in our power to make them feel welcome as guests.  I can’t figure out why other dealers choose to do business any other way, but as you know, A LOT do.  On of my favorite things about being at our dealership everyday is hearing the stories from our customers who had been somewhere else first.  Funny thing is….it is very easy to be nice, honest & fair.  I wish I could say we had a magic formula that we discovered from years of trying different things, but all we do is treat our customers as valued friends. For over 30 years we’ve made the buying process different by stepping outside the traditional way of doing things such as…

· We listen to how YOU want to buy a car rather than telling you how you are going to buy one.

· We DO NOT have an F&I department. That’s right you only have to deal with 1 person when you come in to buy a vehicle.

· We thank our customers by giving them a 10% OFF VIP discount card for anything else they ever by at Stapp Interstate Toyota for the vehicle for as long as they own it.

· We only offer Toyota Financial Services products. This means if you choose to purchase additional Vehicle Service Coverage, Guaranteed Auto Protection, or Pre-Paid Maintenance it will be insured by a reputable and solid company and will be honored at any Toyota authorized facility in the entire United States.

When we built the new facility on I-25 my wife and I would stay up at night after we put the kids to bed and try to figure out reasons why people might not choose to follow us out to the Interstate.  When we’d come up with a reason, we’d brainstorm on a way to hopefully change their mind.  Here’s a list of a couple of the “solutions”….

· Wireless internet access throughout the entire dealership

· A family restroom

· A REAL media room with big screen TV & leather chairs

· A customer work center w/ telephone, computer and a door for when you need a little privacy

· Amy’s Cafe (this area is named after my late Grandmother who was a major staple in the history & success of Longmont Toyota) offering coffee, snacks, etc.

· We created a “Kid’s Corral” with a matchbox car race track, TV, magnet board, chalk board, books, games, bean bags & more

· LOTS & LOTS of upfront customer parking spots (this was a HUGE complaint at the old location on Main Street in Longmont)

· A dedicated 3 lane enclosed customer drive in the service area for easy drop off and delivery

· A park inspired outdoor waiting area (our customers who bring in their dogs love this)

· A receptionist to welcome you (rather than 4 guys in plaid suits smoking cigarettes)

· A dedicated 3 bay glass enclosed climate controlled delivery area

Ok, I’ll stop….I think you get the point.  The cool part is a couple of the solutions have turned into our customers new favorite aspects of the Stapp Interstate Toyota experience.

I recently challenged the company who does our advertising to stop saying “we are different” and actually “SHOW” our customer that we are indeed different.  Please look for these commercials in the near future and let me know what you think, better yet come by a give us a shot to prove to you that buying or servicing your vehicle can actually be fun, but only at a dealership who is willing to prove that they are different!

Brion Stapp

Stapp Interstate Toyota – Scion

Perception and Reality

Interstate Toyota had an interesting sales meeting this morning about perception and reality. All media reports are talking about how bad things are, our Presidential candidates are pointing out the bad things about each other, the Dow Jones is down.

I think as a consumer, all of the doom and gloom is contagious and it makes us want to hold onto our money due to a lot of uncertainty in the market place.

I looked up the definitions of Perception and Reality in Wikipedia and here is what I found.

Perception is the process of attaining awareness or understanding of sensory information. What one perceives is a result of interplays between past experiences, one’s culture and the interpretation of the perceived. If the percept does not have support in any of these perceptual bases it is unlikely to rise above perceptual threshold.

Reality, in everyday usage, means “the state of things as they actually exist”.  The term reality, in its widest sense, includes everything that is, whether or not it is observable or comprehensible.

We looked at our own perception here at Interstate Toyota and found the reality is that 90 days ago gas was over $4.00 per gallon. We also looked at our sales averages and the reality is that we have been averaging 33 cars per week since January. Also we did an average over the last 4 weeks and we are averaging 32.45 cars per week even though the sky is falling across the country.

The point of all this is it is easy to get caught up in the perception of any situation unless you step back and think about the reality.

Thoughts become things…think good thoughts!