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July 6th, 2010

Hello – I just thought I’d write to say “thank you” to the entire team who helped me with service of my 2000 4-Runner two weeks ago.

Everyone from Miguel in Service, to the shuttle driver, to the technician who worked on my vehicle, represented your firm in a manner that should make you proud. I was getting ready to leave on a family camping trip in our beloved 4-Runner, and the excellent work you did not only made our trip enjoyable, it made it possible. Please pass along my warmest regards and sincere thank you to the team.


January 22, 2010

February 18, 2010


Thank you and your team for handling the recall today on our 2008 Camry.  The work  performed was excellent, completed on time and clearly explained to me.

I was provided a 2010 Corolla to use at no cost.

Thank you for the  Stapp Toyota free alignment and discount coupons.

My wife Candy and I bought our new 2008 Camry from Longmont Toyota in October 2007.  I’ve had all the oil changes on our 2008 Camry plus oil changes and  service work on our 2001 Highlander performed by Stapp Toyota.

Ron Dick always greats me by my name and visits with me when he sees me in Stapp Toyota.

Candy and I are very satisfied doing business with Stapp Toyota and recommend your store to others.

Mr. Stapp,

Just a quick note of appreciation…My wife and I recently had a problem with the door check on our 2006 Toyota Sienna that we purchased from Stapp several years ago.  Living in Cheyenne, I took the vehicle down to the local Toyota dealer and received little to no help in working with us to get the manufacturer’s defect fixed.  I then contacted Justin Thornton at Stapp, who sold us the vehicle.  Justin went above and beyond to remedy the situation much to our satisfaction.  We were very pleased with his professionalism and consideration of the situation.  During the process, we also had the pleasure of working with Ryan Zamudio in your service department.  Ryan went out of his way to make things as convenient as possible for us.

Justin and Ryan are real assets to your business and we really appreciate what they did for us!.  Stapp Interstate Toyota will be our first stop when shopping for a new vehicle in the future.



June 29, 2009

We wanted to congratulate Alan Ford as the first person to take delivery of the all-new, 2010 Prius!

Alan Ford posgin with Brion Stapp and his new 2010 Prius!

Alan Ford posing with Brion Stapp and his new 2010 Prius!

Brion and Ed,

Thanks for all your help last night in explaining the car and in arranging the lease purchase of the vehicle.  I really appreciate your friendly and transparent way of doing business.

I drove to work today in Eco mode and averaged 75 mpg!


Alan Ford, AIA

May 29, 2009

Good morning Art,

I enjoy my relationship with the Stapp family business.  I think it is a significant statement that Mrs. Stapp greets all customers daily, as well as other family members and great staff.  Boulder Toyota was OK to deal with, but just did not provide the family atmosphere that Connie and I prefer.

As with the dealership in PA I had purchased from other 20 yrs, I like knowing I can trust Justin in working with Connie 1:1 to help her evaluate the purchase of a new car and I only with Connie finalize the price.  Connie enjoys making her own selections and I enjoy her seeing the experience as positive.

I mentioned to Justin, it appears the Prius may arrive before Connie goes to PA – if not we can trade the Jeep in before she leaves as an additional down payment.  No sense it sits in our garage while Connie is in PA, when you can be selling the vehicle – if it helps you out.

In just general conversation about vehicles with Justin, we spoke about my oldest son purchasing a new Lexus ES350 or maybe HS250 in Arlington, VA.  He drives 10 miles each way to work in heavy DC traffic and a hybrid would be perfect.

Justin talking about the Venza has enabled me to provide Shawn some info to not overlook a Venza or loaded 2010 Camry hybrid.  He plans to look at Toyotas Saturday and Lexus Sunday.  In DC, dealers are open 7 days a week – unfortunately.  Too bad there is not a way to deal with Stapp to get a great deal.  Transporting a vehicle to DC costs 1200+ and would kill any good deal.



May 29, 2009


Just a quick note to let you know we’re really enjoying the new Highlander.  Amy just loves it and thinks it is a good fit (in size) between the old one and the Nissan Armada (gas hog) we had before the hybrid.  She even enjoys, and is still trying to learn, all of the technology in the thing.  The kids love the room in the back and the DVD player with the wireless headphones.  Thanks again for the good deal and the excellent customer service.  I have never bought a car from someone that I would actually make it a point to go back to – but if and when I’m in the market for another Toyota, I would defintely make the trip up to buy from you again.  Thanks again Justin.

Terry Conway

May 26, 2009

Hi Justin,

Connie and I just want to send a quick note to say thank you for the time spent with Connie to evaluate the 10 Camry hybrid and 10 Prius hybrid products!

Generally, Connie being a school teacher, will evaluate a big purchase over several days.  The quality time you spent showing and driving the vehicles with Connie made her very confident in making a selection.  She clearly knew after your vehicle demos, what her vehicle preference was.

I must admit, I enjoyed your working with Connie while I got the luxury to look at all the new vehicles on the lot too.  As I had mentioned when buying the 09 Highlander hybrid, growing up I always enjoyed going to the neighborhood GM dealer to see the new models each new car year.

We are looking forward to being 100% Toyota Hybrid owners.

Thanks again, Connie was very comfortable with your sales approach.  You helped me accomplish my goal to provide Connie a pleasant experience picking a new vehicle I wanted to give her as a birthday/Mother’s day gift.

Have a great 2009!


Glenn Smith

May, 2009

I wanted to thank you and let you know that it is my sincerest opinion that your dealership consistently puts the needs of the customer as priority #1 — something I have not experienced at other dealers and which I hugely appreciate. You can count on my continued patronage.


Karl Ziegler

Boulder, CO

November 5, 2008

Mr Brion Stapp and Mr Pat Corbitt,

My name is Mark Petrovich and I recently purchased a ’09 Tacoma Dbl. Cab 4×4 from your dealership.  I am the type of person who does their homework in compaing dealerships up and down the Front Range and price is not necessarily my main focus.  I did ultimately purchase my vehicle from your internet sales manager, Kevin Walsh.  Kevin never tried to sell me something I did not want.  He listened to what I wanted, answered my questions, and found the exact vehicle I was looking for.  Kevin is an asset to your team and I wanted to let you know how my personal experience was with him.

After my purchase, I contacted Stapp Interstate looking to purchase some after market TRD wheels for my truck.  Specifically, I wanted to purchase the very hard to find FJ TRD 16″ special edition matte black alloy wheels.  During my phone conversation,  I had the very fortunate opportunity to meet and work with Tony Valerio in your customer satisfaction department.  Tony went to work for me right away to make sure my experience with your company was as positive as possible.  I have no idea how many hoops Tony had to jump through, or how many dead ends he had to overcome, but he made it happen.  Tony Valerio is a guy that can make things happen for the sole purpose of satisfying your customer’s.  I want you both to be aware of the effort Tony made on my and your behalf.

Last, but definitely not least,  Jeff Price in your parts department worked alongside Tony to make sure the location of the product, shipping and invoicing were all handled promptly.  Jeff went so far as to go out in the parking lot of your dealership, take photos of the wheels I was inquiring about, and email them to me so I could be sure of the product we were going after.

In closing my experience with Stapp Interstate Toyota was the best I have ever had in any retail situation.  Thank you Kevin Walsh, Tony Valerio, Jeff Price and Stapp Interstate Toyota.


Mark Petrovich

Oct 26, 2008

Stapp Interstate Toyota Manager,

Your service department gets my gold star for finding the fron end braking “pop” on my 1998 T-100. 4 other dealerships and maybe 40 man hours could not find it. Also, Miguel has been great to work with. I will be recommending and returning to your dealership in the future.

Jim Cheatham

Sept 16, 2008

We don’t buy vehicles everyday, and that’s probably a good thing.  It’s stressful, puts your nerves on end, and gives you that flip-flopping stomach in today’s economy.  But thank God for Justin, Art Stapp and the entire Interstate Toyota Crew.  They made this process way less painful, much easier on the pocket book, (especially compared to other Toyota Dealerships in the Colorado area, even though these other dealerships advertise that they can save you at least $1,000), and actually quite adventurous.  I started by going on the internet and designed my truck, I no sooner put in my zip code and hit enter, when my phone rang.  Wow, was I ever surprised.  Justin introduced himself, asked me a few questions and quickly told me he could get me the truck I wanted.
There were several pitfalls to overcome, like how the other dealership had gotten me upside down on my vehicle, they charged me way more for my extended warranties than was ethical (that’s where they make up that $1,000 savings difference), and of course, as we women are prone to do, be picky about the color.  After a comedy of chaise the color rainbow, I chose the Metallic Charcoal Grey for my 2009 Toyota Tacoma.  I have to say it’s a pretty flashy truck, but that’s not why I bought it.  I’ve owned other trucks throughout the years, ford, chevy, dodge, but my favorite was a Toyota Tacoma that I had bought from the Stapp family when they were  down on Main Street in Longmont.  The Tacoma did everything and more, that I asked it to do.  I have a 21 foot 3,500 pound travel trailer, that little Tacoma brought it up and over Monarch Pass, passing other full size trucks like they were standing still.  When I got down the pass, a couple of those folks pulled in behind me at the gas station and were in awe that it was a Tacoma, not a Tundra. So, it made sense when I was ready to start building my cabin, to get the truck I was happiest with.  So it was with great joy to know I was dealing again with the Stapp family at Interstate Toyota.  They treated me like family then, right to every time I went in for an oil change, and they treated me like an old missing friend when I walked through the door this time too.  They were glad I came back, and didn’t scold me for my mistake of buying elsewhere in between visits.  Needless to say, I won’t go anywhere else for my Toyotas ever again.
Darlene Schilke

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